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Understanding Leverage


Leverage is a word that gets tossed around a lot in the online marketing arena, but most marketers don’t really understand what it means or how it works; if they did, the 98% majority of failing marketers, would not be working so hard and they would be succeeding in their marketing efforts. You know who does understand leverage? Gurus. They know exactly what it means and exactly  how to use it. They lure you with talk of online riches (which are certainly possible) and the “internet lifestyle,” which they are living—to the fullest. You know why? Because they have you doing all the work for them and they reap the lion’s share of your effort. That is the effective use of leverage. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using it—all marketers should. But there’s a right way (everyone gains) and a wrong way (just one or a few people gain) to use leverage. A very well-known salesman and motivational speaker named Zig Ziegler said, “You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” That is the essence of using leverage the right way—everyone works together so that everyone succeeds together. And it makes very light work for all!

Before we go further, let’s define what leverage is. First of all, it is generally used relative to finance. Simply put, leverage is a small investment of money with a sure expectation of much greater gain (not just a little more or even moderately more) relative to the investment. In relation to marketing, leverage is an investment of time and/or money (not necessarily a little, although it can be very little) with a sure expectation of much greater gain relative to how much time and/or money was invested. Let’s say, for example, a guru creates a sales funnel. He plans to sell it for $20; he can only make a lot of money if he sells a lot of funnels. So instead of trying to sell them one at a time on his website, requiring tons of time and effort to advertize, drive traffic, etc, he recruits 10 other people to sell them for him, paying them a $9 commission on each sale. In one week, the recruits sell a total of 100 sales funnels. The guru earns $2,000; after paying commissions, he has a profit of $1,100—without doing anything. He leveraged the time it took to create the sales funnel, plus a hefty commission (nearly 50%) per sale for the much greater gain of a good chunk of money with ZERO effort, lots of time saved and the ability to earn more money without doing any more creating or selling! Always remember: When it comes to marketing, if you aren’t earning money, you’re losing money.  TIME IS MONEY. Your time is worth something!

Leveraging the EC4A Opportunity is all about easy affiliate marketing. We find the best affiliate opportunities to promote (non-sales related, low-cost entry points, very high commissions paid out over time or small commissions paid quickly and continuously) then create effective marketing systems using LEVERAGE to promote them. The EC4A opportunity requires only 3 referrals then LEVERAGE does the rest to give you maximum earnings, blazing fast, with very little effort!

The EC4A promotion is designed for instant conversion so you can promote EC4A with nearly zero effort. When you get the 3 referrals you need, other people will begin working for your benefit. As shown in the EC4A explainer video, your first two referrals will go to another affiliate. Your third referral will start a never-ending chain of referrals for you—starting with the first two that will be passed up to you. Those two will pass up two each, giving you a total of 6 referrals (four new referrals, plus the two you already had); the four will pass up two each, giving you eight more for a total of 14, etc. Why would you keep working to promote something that is being promoted for you? The purpose of leveraging is to make it easy to earn money, not to work hard when you don’t have to. Furthermore, you’re competing with other affiliates promoting the same thing, in the same places, to the same people (this is why marketing is "hard work"!) When you have what you need, LET GO OF GREED! Allow other people to get what they need. This way, everyone earns money that continuously grows without additional effort. Always remember: People "stop" only when they aren’t earning money! Once you have 3 EC4A referrals, REMOVE ANY ADS (in groups, emails, TEs, social post, text, etc.) you’ve posted and let LEVERAGE work for you!

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