Q: What is Verypaid.com?

Verypaid.com promotes easy affiliate marketing and VERY PAID! Affiliate Network. Online marketers hear all the time that to earn real money online, you have to "work hard." But the fact is, you don't. By joining the VERY PAID! Affiliate Network, you can earn a lot of money, very quickly, with very little effort! Because It isn't about working hard—it's all about what you promote and how you promote it.

Q: Why we ONLY promote "pay-to-play" services?

Millions of businesses worldwide offer affiliate programs, and the majority of them don't require you to use their products or services nor even to know anything about them, but you can still promote them. This is what makes marketing hard work. Affiliates compete with thousands of other affiliates promoting the same things. So all of them have to work (trying to write effective ads, posting them all over the Internet, trying to get people to see them, etc.) "to make the sale," and they're usually unsuccessful. VERY PAID! Affiliate Network only promotes the services (i.e. no products) of businesses that require their affiliates to use the service. That's a very good thing, because all affiliate commissions come from sales. So if an affiliate introduces a service to a potential affiliate, a sale is guaranteed! (The same principle applies relative to products; however, that would require continuous buying and selling, which means hard work! No, thank you!) VERY PAID! Affiliate Network promotes only opportunities with very low-cost service fees so that everyone can participate.

Q: Why we promote to only a few people?

The VERY PAID! Affiliate Network motto is "Work Easy!" The opportunities promoted require only a handful of referrals to get maximum commission benefit. Your handful of referrals work to give you more referrals; their handful work to give them more and you benefit from them too! This is what "leverage" is aboutyou put in a little bit of effort, and you benefit from the effort of many others! So, why work harder than you have to trying to gain more referrals? It actually causes you to lose money in the long run, because when you're getting more referrals than you need, someone else is not getting enough. If the people you refer can't find others to refer, they will leave the program and your money goes with them! People only stay with a program when they're earning money! Remember: Being GREEDY makes you NEEDY!

Q: How we promote?

VERY PAID! Affiliate Network membership includes a FREE simple, effective marketing system that fully incorporates the power of leverage! This way, you don't compete with thousands of other affiliates and everyone earns real  money very quickly, with very little effort! You simply join the Network and the system gives you the minimum number of referrals you need to reach the maximum earning level , then leverage does the rest to bring you blazing fast commissions!