Learning these basic terms will help you to understand concepts presented as you go along.

 Affiliate: An independent agent who promotes (i.e. advertises/markets) products and services on behalf of a business in an effort to gain new customers for the business.

Affiliate ID: An unique identifier (typically created by the affiliate at the business's website or sometimes assigned to the affiliate by a business) that lets the business know whom to pay for new customers.

Affiliate Link: A string of code that includes the affiliate ID and that redirects to a business's website. This link is used in the affiliate's marketing efforts.

Auto-responder: An email service that automatically responds to requests to receive promotional email. Auto-responders only send  email (i.e. they cannot receive email).

​Commission: A portion of the money from a sale that is paid to the affiliate whose promotional effort culminates in the sale.


Lead: A potential customer who has been influenced by the affiliate to consider a business's products and services.

Market/Promote: Advertise in some way.

Marketing List: A list of names and email addresses of prospects to whom to market.

Matrix: A structure used by some businesses to track the number of sales generated by and the commissions due to an affiliate.

Opt-in form: A form displayed on a website to collect a visitor's name and email address. When a site visitor submits the form, it allows promotional email to be sent to him or her on behalf of the site. Without this permission, the email is considered SPAM and is illegal.

Payment Processor: A service, such as PayPal, that handles the payment from the business to the affiliate.

Promote/Market: Advertise in some way.

Referral: An affiliate-generated lead that culminates in a sale. ['Leads' are often erroneously referred to as 'referrals.' However, until  money has changed hands, no referral has been made.]

Residual commissions: Additional money paid to the affiliate, generated from subsequent purchases  by the affiliate's referrals (i.e. requiring no additional effort  by the affiliate).

​Sponsor: The person who introduces or who is credited with introducing someone to an affiliate opportunity. [Although it might seem to imply more, a "sponsor" (relative to affiliate marketing) does nothing more than make an introduction.]

Traffic: Website visitors.

Finding affiliate opportunities is easy! In Lesson 3 you'll learn how.



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