VERY PAID!™ Affiliate Network and
Work Easy Marketing System™
A Platform to Promote

VERY PAID!™ Affiliate Network (VPAN) is THE SUPER SIMPLE SIDE GIG FOR EVERYONE!  VPAN is a MARKETING PLATFORM that is implemented within a Facebook group. Group members are GUARANTEED-TO-CONVERT LEADS for each other.

VPAN promotes (TW) email marketing services. If you’re not familiar with TW, this is the thing you need to know: Each TW affiliate has the opportunity to earn more than $88 thousand dollars per month. Of course, this won’t happen overnight, but IT WILL HAPPEN for everyone who joins the VPAN! (Learn exactly how.)



1. VPAN promotes; therefore,

2. VPAN members must be TrafficWave affiliates.

3. TW allows only its service subscribers to become affiliates. VPAN members need  TW service, so there’s a legitimate reason to subscribe and thus qualify to join TW's affiliate program. However,

6. To join VPAN, prospects must first subscribe to TW through an existing VPAN member. This GUARANTEES TW referrals and commissions for VPAN members. 

​7. Upon becoming a VPAN member, the Work Easy Marketing System—available only to members—immediately goes to work within the Facebook group (i.e the "Network" of members) to generate TW referrals on the member's behalf; VPAN members LITERALLY don’t have to do anything to earn TW commissions!


The Work Easy Marketing System™ automatically and continuously generates TW referrals that generate commissions for every member from the instant they join the VPAN—commissions that just keep growing, with no effort!


Before you continue, it's important to watch this video. (You may have to watch it on a desktop or laptop.) The video gives you an overview of how the TW affiliate program works. Keep in mind that all the work the video indicates you'll have to do, the marketing system will do for you!


The video makes two main points: 1) TrafficWave affiliates can earn a five-figure income within a year. That means they would earn a minimum of $10,000 yearly or $833 monthly. 2) To earn at least that amount, affiliates have to refer one new customer monthly and each of their referrals would have to do the same. VPAN members don't actually earn commissions, because there is no work involved. The Work Easy Marketing Systemautomatically generates enough referrals within a few days of membership for the member to make at least $833. After the first 30 days in the VPAN, a member would have enough additional referrals (generated by the marketing system) to receive a four-figure commission payment. Thereafter, each member’s commissions continue to grow, month after month, building to the maximum $88K, without doing anything. The marketing system is POWERFUL and the key to effortless, blazing fast commissions for all VPAN members!



If you are an online marketer, no matter how many ads you post, no matter how many guru-recommended things you buy, no matter how much "training" you get, it is impossible to earn a substantial consistent income online without an effective marketing system.  The VERY PAID!™ Affiliate Network together with its Work Easy Marketing System™ solve every problem affiliates face to prevent failure. The Network promotes only ONE, very high-paying affiliate opportunity. There's no need to advertise or drive traffic because all the leads you need are inside the Facebook group. You won't be competing with other affiliates, because the service VPAN promotes is required for every member. ALL members begin earning commissions the instant they join the Network and their commissions grow RAPIDLY and CONSISTENTLY through the power of LEVERAGE! There's no passing up referrals, because the system generates all the referrals each member needs—members earn at the same pace. Commissions are consistent because NO ONE DROPS OUT. Each of your referrals is added to your personal marketing list, so you can promote  whatever you want to people who won't be afraid of losing money because, like you, they'll be making so much! And there is absolutely ZERO cost to join VPAN (nothing to buy, no upgrades and no up sells)!



This simple program was thoughtfully developed and perfected so that anyone can generate a significant, consistent income online, EFFORTLESSLY and BLAZING FAST (absolutely ZERO experience required)! And it's TRULY FREE. There’s nothing to buy, no upgrades and no up-sells. Even your TrafficWave subscription is FREE, because the $17.95 you pay for your first month of service, you get back as a commission the INSTANT you become a VPAN member. Thereafter, your monthly TrafficWave service fee will be deducted each month from your GUARANTEED COMMISSIONS! There is no other way online to generate a significant, consistent income this easily and without cost. This program will change your life! But you have to do your part.

While VPAN promotes TrafficWave, VPAN members promote the Network. All that's required is to CLICK THE FACEBOOK GROUP SHARE BUTTON, so that the group continues to grow. Remember: Group members are GUARANTEED LEADS for each other. TrafficWave is available WORLDWIDE and there will never  be too many people in the VPAN. In fact, the more people there are, the faster every member gets to $88 thousand dollars monthly! There is NO possibility of “market saturation” since we’re promoting a service that every VPAN members needs, which means GUARANTEED REFERRALS and COMMISSIONS for ALL MEMBERS!






Jeremiah 29:11                             


The FIRST 1,000 PEOPLE to pre-enroll in the VPAN will be 'seed' members.  All other memberships will generate through the seeds.


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