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VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine is a complete marketing system. It's three components address every reason that the majority of online marketers fail. Success is GUARANTEED! And  IT'S FREE!  


1st GEAR  is a BUILT-IN AFFILIATE PROMOTION. The promoted business was selected specifically for its extremely high affiliate commissions potential.

Group Membership Drive In Progress!


2nd GEAR  is our Facebook group that puts the machine into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! It is the LEAD SOURCE for the promotion and an ADVERTISERa TRAFFIC DRIVER and  a PERSONAL LIST BUILDER. If you are a marketer, you can use your system-generated marketing list to promote other opportunities through the system!


  •  Truly FREE  To Join

  •  No Membership Fees

  •  24/7 Conversion!


VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine™ is ALL YOU NEED—an exceptional affiliate opportunity, hassle-free advertising, endless traffic, unlimited leads and 100% conversionfor GUARANTEED SUCCESS!



  • Group members are leads for the VERY PAID! Affiliate Network™ (VPAN-Gear 3).

  • The system converts the leads to sales for the business (Gear 1) promoted within the VPAN.

  • The business pays commissions from these sales to VPAN members.

  • To receive commissions, group members join the VPAN through member links posted inside the group.


VPAN members receive significant and, consistent commissions with ZERO effort! The only thing they ever have to do is share a link to this website. The system does all the work!


A well-known fact in advertising is: People have  to see  an ad at least 7 times before they will respond to it.  SHARING is advertising. So you don't have to post ads for the system or for your personal promotions, which you can also do through the system. Another well-know fact is: People want to be part  of what others are part  of; social media is proof of this.  SHARING builds VPAN membership. The more people in the VPAN, the FASTER each member reaches the maximum monthly commissions level (see NOTE 1). VPAN members don't have to do anything other than share a link to this website to generate a solid, consistent commissions income through the promoted business. All it takes is a click!

click share.png


NOTE 1 This is NOT an MLM program. This is a one-of-a-kind marketing program that guarantees success for everybody! (i.e. EVERYBODY gets paid!) And there can never, ever, ever be too many people in the VPAN!


Read through then follow the instructions below exactly.


Upon verification of your share, you will be invited to join the Facebook group.


NOTE 2 This is a worldwide opportunity; however, the program will be open first to the USA, CAN, ENG, AUS and NZ..  It will open to other countries once the program is well underway.

NOTE 3 When the program begins, the VPAN membership process will have a time-limit to ensure serious participants who will act quickly! This program is designed to generate SIGNIFICANT COMMISSIONS ULTRA FAST for every VPAN member. 

NOTE 4 When the program begins, you will only need to click a Share button in the group.. You will be required to share only when Share Alerts are posted.


  1. COPY the HIGHLIGHTED text:      WOW! This is THE side-hustle for 2023! If you don't do anything else, do this! 

  1. Click the Fan Page link below.

​WOW! This is THE side-hustle for 2023! If you don't do anything else, DO THIS! 

  1. Go to the program's Fan Page (link below)

  2. On the Fan page, click LIKE ... next to the Like button> click

  3. Scroll down to the Pinned post; click the LikeYou MUST select the PUBLIC Share option. 

  4. PASTE

  5. Click

BECOME A FOUNDER! FIRST 1,000 PEOPLE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP will be founding members of the VERY PAID! Affiliate Network (VPAN) and first to receive commissions from the built-in promotion. All other VPAN memberships will generate through the founders.


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