Working hard to earn money is what JOBS are for. You don't have to work hard to earn real money ONLINE. This truly FREE and totally done for you marketing system gives you everything you need to generate a solid, consistent online income—BLAZING FAST and EFFORTLESSLY!  The VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine™ consists of 3 components all working together to GUARANTEE your success: 1) A source of unlimited highly-targeted leads; 2) an exceptional promotion opportunity;  and 3) an automatic conversion method.

The Facebook Group That PAYS You! 


You START with a single source of FREE, UNLIMITED, GUARANTEED-TO-CONVERT LEADS. No advertising or driving traffic required!

This first component of the VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine™ has 3 KEY PURPOSES: 1) Guaranteed leads. Having a guaranteed leads source, before you start promoting means BIGGER and FASTER COMMISSIONS GENERATION when you start promoting! When you join the group, you become a GUARANTEED-TO-CONVERT LEAD for another group member; ALL other members are GUARANTEED-TO-CONVERT LEADS for YOU!  2) Advertiser. You never have to post ads! Simply sharing the group does all the advertising (and it's the only thing you'll ever have to do!) Sharing the group ensures a continuous inflow of new leads, guaranteed referrals and consistently-growing commissions from the promoted opportunity! 3) Automatic list builder.  In addition,  each of your referrals is added to your system-generated personal marketing list. Only you can present opportunities to these members! Imagine how easy it will be to present your opportunities to people who won't fear losing money,, because just like YOU they'll be earning CONTINUOUS, CONSISTENTLY-GROWING COMMISSIONSGUARANTEED! And they can present YOUR opportunities to people on THEIR marketing list!


A promotional opportunity is only as good as its compensation plan. Next comes an EXCEPTIONAL promotion opportunity.



The VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine™ promotes for the following reasons:

  •    Very strong compensation plan

TW affiliates have the potential to earn more than $88 thousand dollars monthly.

  •    TW allows only its service subscribers to be affiliates.

The VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine uses TW service to promote TW on the affiliate's behalf, so there's a legitimate reason to subscribe and become a TW  affiliate. ​You won't pay for something you don't want or need.

  •    TW is an affordable marketing tool that all

marketers need. These highly-targeted leads are GUARANTEED TO CONVERT with the VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine™!


  •   Our name says it all!

This is the FIRST and ONLY TW team that will get you to $88K monthly! Not overnight, but much sooner than you think!

  •    Its own TrafficWave marketing system

The VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine™ was built primarily to promote TW, but you can use it to promote whatever you want!

  •    NO rotator, NO hot seat, NO hit requirement

No endless waiting in the rotation for your turn in the "hot seat."  No ad "hit" requirement to meet, because you never have to post a single ad! The system does everything for you!  


You start earning TW commissions immediatelycommissions that keep growing, MONTH AFTER MONTH to MAXIMUM level!



This is where the MAGIC happens!

The VERY PAID! Affiliate Network (VPAN) brings it all together. By uniting with instead of competing against an entire community of other marketers who all want the same thing, commissions come FAST and EASY! You earn IMMEDIATE, CONSISTENTLY GROWING TW COMMISSIONS with ZERO EFFORT! Work Easy!






FIRST 1,000 PEOPLE to join The Facebook Group That PAYS You! will be  VPAN  'seed' members and first to earn TW commissions. All other memberships will generate through the seeds.

  1. \VPAN (the Network) automatically converts TW leads on behalf of its members.

  2. A prospect for VPAN membership must be both a member of TWTEAM$88K and a TW affiliate.

  3. TW allows only its service subscribers to opt-in to its affiliate program. This GUARANTEES lead conversion and commissions for members of TWTEAM$88K, because

  4. To join TWTEAM$88K, a prospect must join TW through an existing member of the the team and opt-in to the TW Affiliate Program, thereby gaining access to Network membership.

  5. Immediately upon becoming a Network member, it goes to work converting group members to TW referrals on the new Network member's behalf. Automatic and continuous  TW lead conversion happens only for VPAN members.


VPAN members LITERALLY don’t have to do anything to earn TW commissions! The system automatically and continuously builds every member's TW downline to  generate commissions from the instant they join the VPAN! Thereafter, your commissions keep growing to MAXIMUM level with ZERO effort and the more Network members, the FASTER each member reaches $88K MONTHLY!



Before you continue, it's important to watch this video.  (You may have to watch it on a desktop or laptop.) The video gives you an overview of how the TW affiliate program works. Keep in mind that all the work the video indicates you'll have to do, the system will do for you and it will do it  much, much, MUCH faster!


The TW video makes three points: 1) A TrafficWave affiliate can earn a five-figure income within a year. That means s/he would earn a minimum of $10,000 yearly or $833 monthly. To earn at least that amount, 2) the affiliate has to refer one new customer every month and each of the affiliate's referrals would have to do the same. At the end of the first year, 3) the affiliate would have 4,095 members in his or her "organization" (i.e. their downline). Every marketer knows you have to work hard to convert leads to referrals. But not VPAN membersour slogan is "Work Easy" for a reason! VERY PAID! Affiliate Network automatically generates enough referrals within a few days of Network membership for the member to earn at least $833. (This will happen even sooner as membership in this program increases). After the first 30 days in the VPAN, a member would have enough additional members in his/her downline (generated by the system) to receive a four-figure commission payment. Thereafter, each member’s downline and commissions continue to grow, month after month, building to the maximum $88K, without doing anything. This POWERFUL marketing system effectively uses LEVERAGE, which is the key to effortless, blazing fast commissions!





If you're an online marketer, no matter how many ads you post, no matter how many guru-recommended things you buy, no matter how much "training" you get, it is impossible to earn a substantial and consistent income online without an effective marketing system. The VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine is effective; that means 1) the system works, so you don't need to. The three components of the system work together to solve every problem affiliates face for 2) GUARANTEED SUCCESS! The Network is 3) singularly focused on one, very high-paying affiliate opportunity.. (Trying to manage "multiple streams of income" generally results in more work but not more money, if any at all!) This TW promotion is a 4) sustainable opportunity, because everyone who joins the VPAN needs TW service. 5) Commissions are GUARANTEED, because to retain their affiliate status (and their commissions!), your referrals must maintain active (that is, paid) TW status. 6) Your income remains consistent, because 7) no one drops out since 8) ALL MEMBERS begin earning commissions the instant they join the Network! 9) ALL MEMBERS earn commissions RAPIDLY and CONSISTENTLY, and 10) COMMISSIONS CONTINUOUSLY GROW until maximum level is reached! 11) TWTEAM$88K has no rotator, no "hot seat" and no ad "hit" requirement, because 12) you never have to post ads or drive traffic.  13) ALL THE LEADS YOU NEED are inside the Facebook group and they 14) ALL ARE GUARANTEED TO CONVERT! There is 15) no competing with other affiliates, because the service VPAN promotes (i.e. TW) is required for every member. There's 16) no passing up referrals, because the system generates all the referrals each member needs. 17) The system builds your personal marketing list from your referrals. Only you can promote to these members, so 18) you can present your opportunities to people who won't fear losing money, because they'll be consistently earning TW commissions just like YOU! 19) You'll have a steady financial source to pay for entry to other opportunities, so you won't have to pay out-of-pocket!  And there is absolutely 20) ZERO cost to join VPAN  (no membership fees, nothing to buy, no upgrades and no up sells). 21) This INCREDIBLE marketing system is TRULY FREE!


The Promotion:

Potential Affiliate

Commissions:             $88,000.00 MONTHLY!

The 3 Components That GUARANTEE You'll Get There!

   The Network


  • Automatic and continuous

  • BLAZING FAST downline and commissions growth

  • ONLY for Network members

   The Team & the Affiliate Opp

  • To join TWTEAM$88K, you must join TW through a team member

  • You must OPT-IN to the TW Affiliate Program

  • To join VPAN (the Network), you must be a TW affiliate

   The Lead Source

  • ALL members of the group are GUARANTEED-TO-CONVERT LEADS!

  • No need to post ads

  • No need to drive traffic

  • Automatic LIST GENERATOR








The VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine™ was thoughtfully developed and perfected so that anyone can generate a significant, consistent income online, BLAZING FAST and EFFORTLESSLY (absolutely ZERO experience required)! And this simple but powerful system is TRULY FREE. Even your TrafficWave subscription is FREE, because the $17.95 you pay for your first month of service, you get back as a commission the INSTANT you become a VPAN member. Thereafter, your monthly TrafficWave service fee can be deducted each month from your GUARANTEED COMMISSIONS! There is no other way online to generate a significant, consistent income this FAST and EASY without cost. This program will change your life! But you have to do your part.


The VERY PAID! Affiliate Marketing Machine™ marketing system promotes TrafficWave--VPAN and group members promote the system. All that's required is to help generate new leads by REGULARLY CLICKING A SHARE BUTTON. TrafficWave is available WORLDWIDE and  everyone is welcome to join The Facebook Group That PAYS You and promote TW. Remember: Group members are GUARANTEED LEADS for each other. The more people who join, the FASTER every member gets to $88 thousand dollars MONTHLY! AUTOMATIC and CONTINUOUS TW REFERRALS and COMMISSIONS (to maximum level) are GUARANTEED for ALL VPAN MEMBERS!






Jeremiah 29:11                             



The first 1,000 people to join the Facebook Group That PAYS You! will be 'seed' members of VPAN and first to earn commissions. All other Network memberships will generate through seed members.

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