Dear Marketer:

My name is Marva Deen and I am NOT a “guru.” I’m a regular person who has earned close to $50,000 over the past 7 years in my spare time through affiliate marketing. No, I haven’t YET earned millions, but I am among the 2% of marketers who consistently earn significant income online. I know how to do it and I want to help you do it ABSOLUTELY FREE. What's in it for me? When you earn money, I earn more; it's a two-way street -- I help you and you help me. Most marketers (98%) do not earn any money, yet they spend countless hours and MILLIONS of dollars in their pursuit of the "Internet Lifestyle." It is absolutely possible to achieve. But the 98% will continue to fail because no guru has created and SOLD to them the ONE thing they need that GUARANTEES an immediate, consistently growing commissions income. I have created it and it’s FREE. Once you have access to it, you will  (not "can" or "might") earn at least $10,000 MONTHLY IN LESS THAN SIX MONTHS. WARNING: Do NOT think “bullshit” and click away from this page; you’d be making a serious mistake. Gurus make the same claims, but they CHARGE you for it (and it's always a waste of money). What I'm offering is FREE and CANNOT FAIL. If you can't be bothered to read through this message for your benefit, I don't want you to have it. Keep wasting your time and money.

Before I reveal what it is, I want you to think about this: Why is it that every time the gurus tell you that their offer is “FREE!” as soon as you enter your email address, before you even leave the page you get bombarded with upgrade offers? Understand this: The so-called “FREE!” offer is simply to get you to the upgrade offer. WITHOUT THE UPGRADE, THE "FREE" THING IS WORTHLESS. And worse? As soon as you upgrade, they bombard you with upsells. Why? Because WITHOUT THE UPSELL, THE UPGRADE YOU JUST PAID FOR IS ALSO WORTHLESS. And now that they have your email address, they will send you email-after-email, many times per day, and they WILL convince you to buy something else! Understand this: GURUS are not in the business of helping you earn money. GURUS ARE MASTER SALESPEOPLE. THEIR BUSINESS IS SALES. THEY MAKE A FORTUNE BY SELLING THINGS TO YOU THAT YOU DON'T NEED AND THAT CAN’T HELP YOU! Only ONE thing can and they're never going to offer it, because you wouldn't need to BUY anything from them. You keep buying, they keep earning!

And think about this: Why do the gurus who SELL you “totally-done-for-you” this or that always have an INCOME DISCLAIMER linked on the bottom of their offer page that states, “We can’t guarantee earnings, because we don’t know your work ethic,” or “To make money, you have to put in the work.” If the thing that they’re SELLING to you is “totally-done-for-you,” WHY do you need to work? Because NOTHING is done for you and BY LAW they can’t guarantee you’ll earn money if you won’t. What I’ve created is actually  “totally-done-for-you” – no work ethic required. If you join my FREE program, I GUARANTEE YOU WILL INSTANTLY BEGIN EARNING CONSISTENTLY INCREASING SIGNIFICANT COMMISSIONS.  IT'S AGAINST THE LAW for me to state that UNLESS IT’S TRUE!

Now think about this: The online marketing “community” is very small. MARKETERS OPERATE IN THE SAME SMALL SPACE. THEY BUY AND THEN TRY TO SELL THE SAME THINGS IN THE SAME PLACES (Facebook groups, other social media platforms, email blasts, traffic exchanges, etc.) TO THE SAME PEOPLE THAT ALREADY BOUGHT/OPTED IN THROUGH A GURU, aka A MASTER SALESPERSON. YOU are not a salesperson. Selling requires skills you DON'T have. Are you starting to understand why you will NEVER succeed this way?

Lastly, think about this: Online marketing requires just a few steps: 1) write and post COMPELLING ads--i.e. ads that will make people click them; 2) drive traffic to the ads (i.e. get “eyesballs” on them) and if they're compelling, you will 3) generate leads; provide site content that will 4) get leads/visitors to opt-in, and thereby capture info to 5) build a marketing list; and 6) convert the leads to referrals (i.e. generate commissions). That’s all there is to it. But YOU can't do any of that; if you could you wouldn't be reading this. That isn't meant to be insulting. It's a fact that you must accept if you want to stop wasting your time and money and START EARNING MONEY--A LOT OF IT! AFFILIATE MARKETING DOES NOT REQUIRE BUYING AND SELLING ANYTHING. And with what I'm about to give you--THE ONE AND ONLY THING YOU NEED--for FREE, it requires nearly ZERO EFFORT to earn REAL MONEY!  It isn’t a sales funnel or multiple-streams-of-(no)-income or running an Amazon store or an ad agency or writing courses or coaching or mentoring or any of the other nonsense that YOU are not equipped to do. And it isn't taking a bunch of surveys or playing games or doing tasks or clicking links for a few cents here and there.  I've started a FREE affiliate network that makes earning a REAL INCOME online EFFORTLESS! You'll earn commissions from the INSTANT you join! As a member, YOU WILL HAVE 100% TRULY FREE ACCESS TO THE ONE THING YOU NEED TO GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS! And I don't need your email address, because I'm NEVER going to try to sell you anything. To find out the ONE THING  YOU NEED, click the following link. You're Going to LOVE Getting VERY PAID!

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