THIS IS A NO BULLS%!T PROGRAM. BY OPTING-IN, YOU HAVE STARTED THE FIRST STEP TO NETWORK PRE-ENROLLMENT. YOU CAN'T UNSTART IT—THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO CONTINUE. This program is for people who are SERIOUS about earning REAL money online, not people who say they are, but won't do what's instructed so that they can. WHAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU DO. You won't receive a bunch of emails trying to convince you to join a FREE program that does 99% of the work FOR you—either you want to earn REAL money online or you don't.

THE ONLY WORK YOU WILL EVER DO IS PROMOTE THE NETWORK. IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO DO without posting any ads! You will receive an email with the subject line "MARVA MAIL - PROGRAM INFO INSIDE" (it's probably already in your inbox; if not, check your junk/spam folder). Read the email and IMMEDIATELY DO WHAT IT INSTRUCTS YOU TO DO, because YOU HAVE A LIMITED TIME TO DO SO. (You don't need to know how much time—if you're serious, you will DO what you're instructed to do). THE NETWORK MEMBERSHIP PROCESS IS ALSO TIMED.  TIME LIMITS DO TWO THINGS: 1) THEY DETERMINE WHO IS SERIOUS AND not just a "tire kicker" and, 2)  THEY HELP EVERYBODY EARN REAL MONEY BLAZING FAST! If you haven't followed the emailed instruction within the time limit, your email address will be removed from the pre-enrollment list and you will be banned from further attempts to join the Network. Either you want to earn life-changing money online or you don't.


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